Gili USB Stick Encryption

Gili USB Stick Encryption 6.1

Keep your USB stick extra-safe


  • Quick to install/uninstall
  • Warns about password strength


  • Erases all data on USB stick during install/uninstall
  • No offline help

Very good

Pendrives (USB sticks) are really handy tools, allowing you to roam far and wide while bringing all your important documents with you. They are easy to carry and easy to use, which is great for you, but bad, bad news if your pendrive happens to fall into the wrong hands.

You need to pre-empt any nasty accidents, so why not protect the most important documents by storing them in an encrypted partition? That's what Gili USB Stick Encryption will allow you to do - create a password-protected secure area that you can only access if you have the pendrive and know the magic words.

The small utility is very easy to use, and the lack of offline help shouldn't prove too problematic. You connect your pendrive, back-up all your data - because the program erases everything - choose the size of the secure area and press install. When you've finished, Gili USB Stick Encryption will prompt you to choose a password which you will have to enter to open the secure area in the future.

Once the area is open, you'll be able to save to it and browse as you would in any normal pendrive. Don't forget to close it when you're done! Uninstalling the area or changing the password isn't a problem either, but you can only perform these actions if the area is already closed.

Gili USB Stick Encryption provides an extra layer of reliable security for your pendrive.

Gili USB Stick Encryption


Gili USB Stick Encryption 6.1

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    If agent.exe is deleted from the USB Device ,you can recover it..
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    and if agent.exe is deleted from the USB Device?.
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